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HTTPService result remains previous loaded data

I have a form with a Datagrid and an add new button (Original from http://learn.adobe.com/wiki/display/Flex/CRUD+-+Dynamic). When this form is launched, it’ll load all data and display on grid. After first call, although i tried to add new records to database, the display content of Datagrid is still the same as before.

This problem took me a lot of time before i figured out how to solve. It seems that the HTTP response had been cached by IE because the request URL remains the same each time the form is loaded.

So the key is how to change the request content when a request is launched? The answer is that we can use timestamp as a request parameter. This’s because the value of timestamp keep changing each time we have a request, so it’ll always be different.

   url="http://localhost/flex/php/1/employees.php?{new Date().toDateString() + new Date().toTimeString()}"
   useProxy="false" />
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