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replacing your pop-ups with DOMInclude

April 13, 2006 Leave a comment

Using DOMinclude library you now can easy replace old pop-up script with new one, it’s written using fully CSS and DOM. This is one of new techniques today for developing web page. You can go to this page for more information or download .zip file using this link

Steps to install DOMinclude:

1. You need two script files: DOMinclude_config.js and DOMinclude.js.Then put them to the head of your web page

2. Instead of callling <a href=”your link”> link</a> now you just place a class atttribute into <a> tag, like this: <a href=”saywhat.jpg” class=”DOMpop”>photo of a confused puppy</a>

3. Alter the configuration by editing the DOMinclude_config.js file:

   // CSS classes
   // trigger DOMinclude
   // class of the popup
   // class of the link when the popup
   // is open
   // text to add to the link when the
   // popup is open
   displayPrefix:’Hide ‘,
   // filter to define which files should
   // not open in an iframe
   // dimensions of the popup
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