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Error: unable to resolve ‘image name’ for transcoding

August 14, 2009 3 comments

i needed to find some sample about how to customize default flex PreLoader and found two great tutorials

Custom Flex 3 Lightweight Preloader with source code
Flex CustomĀ Preloader

When i tried to add into my project and built it, the [Error: unable to resolve ‘image name’ for transcoding] was thrown. Because i’m using FlashDevelop so it might be a little difference from Flex Builder. Maybe the image path cannot be regconized. The original source code as below:

[Embed("Assets/Pathfinder_Logo_Blue.png") ]
[Bindable] public var Logo:Class;

To handle the error, the solution is kind of simple. Just add [/] before the path that points to the image.

[Embed("/Assets/Pathfinder_Logo_Blue.png") ]
[Bindable] public var Logo:Class;
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